FKT attempt this summer

Hey all,

I am going after this FKT in Acadia this summer:

My plan is to do it unsupported so I will get the record for unsupported but would still like to break 6 hours. I grew up going to the island every summer and hiking these very trails, so I am excited to take on the challenge. While the page says that it’s based on the Acadia Mountain Marathon, the guy who posted this file submitted a different course so I will just have to follow his track.

This will be my first trail marathon so all tips and tricks are welcome.


That looks super cool…do you have a date in mind yet?

I am tentatively planning on June 4th . However, I am right now planning on moving back to the US from Jordan and switching jobs so that date is very dependent on what life looks like.

What I may do is do this shorter FKT route on June 4:

then do the Mountain marathon at the beginning of September.

That’s cool. I’m planning on a North South traverse of the Scottish Isle of Arran. It’s 27miles of mountain and moorland terrain. Some of the moor is unpathed and will be slow going but it should be great fun. This is the view from Goatfell the main peak on the route.


Just realised there is a distillery withing 4km of the start (opens 10pm) and a distillery within 3km of the finish (closes 5:30pm) so there’s a challenge. Start at 9:30, get a quick dram, run 27ish miles, get a dram before 5:30!


Well, you just resolved two aid stations…