Favorite shades to wear running?

Curious what people like wearing to run in these days! What things do you like about your shades vs not like about them?

I find most shades (like Goodrs) slip off my face when I’m running downhill hard. Anyone else have that problem?

I find goodrs stay put well for me (maybe bc I always have a hat or headband type thing on), but my big complaint with them is they are all too dark for running in the shade/woods. Every lens of theirs seems to be made for full sun/running on the roads. Oakley makes some great low light/high contrast lenses for mountain biking that I find work great, unfortunately I find the frames super uncomfortable for running. Yet to find a “perfect” pair so to say.

I find GOODR lenses always chip off / scratch when they get wet, which for an ultra-runner seems like kind of a huge issue. Anyone else have this issue?

I do like their colors though. They have the best bright frames! Method Seven / @CatBeRad / @myfriendjames: make us some cool fun colors to rock on the trails!

@kksavage first OMG, huge fan of yours! Second, I do agree that GOODR (and Oakley for that matter) chip off after awhile. For me I think it’s less of a “getting wet” issue and seems more likely that it’s due to sweat. Even if I rinse off my lenses after wearing, I am a heavy sweater and it seems the lenses want to peel/chip off the same places that sweat is dripping down them. I’m really glad you mentioned that bc it’s one thing I’ve gotten so used to dealing with that I didn’t even think to mention. I’d LOVE if Method Seven could come up with a way to keep this from happening. And YES to bright/fun colors :wink:

Ooo I didn’t realize Oakleys scratch too… I know that’s the case for GOODR and as much as I love their cool colors, I need glasses where the lenses don’t scratch when they get wet!
I run in the Method Seven Aviatrix and absolutely love how crystal clear the lenses are. The blue lenses help the world just pop: I can see the contours of the trail better and my peripheral vision is heightened. They’re also feather-light and stay glued to my face no matter how technical the terrain is I’m bombing. I don’t love the look of aviators on my face but from a practicality standpoint, these shades are the best I’ve ever experienced for running. If Method Seven could design a pair of shades like this that look super cute with fun colors, I would be so pumped.
I love Method Seven’s Lennox shades for just being out and about as a pedestrian. I love the shape and they make me feel like Jackie Kennedy.

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