Faster or Longer - Which Would You Choose?

Out on my run today I asked myself whether, if I could be granted one “runner wish” would I wish to be able to run faster or run longer? I didn’t have a great answer for this question so I debated it back and forth on my trip trying to come up with the “right” answer. It is a really tough question for me.

I think I would like to be able to run faster. When I run fast (fast for me) I feel more joy of running than when I feel like I’m just hobbling along.

Anyway, that would be my vote…what about you? Faster or longer?

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The longer I could run the more time I can spend in the nature. Treadmill doesn’t count :slight_smile:

I am a slow runner, and I think I accepted it.

I would wish to be able to run longer. I read a quote many (many) years ago that was attributed to David Blaike, “Speed is sex, distance is love”. My sentiments exactly.

Love this thought exercise! I feel like it could use some parameters to help frame each choice in the question.

For both choices - is the max value infinite? Eg you can develop infinite endurance at whatever your current “max long run” speed is (let’s say 20min mile but you can keep that pace for 200+ miles), or you can develop insane speed but limited to your current max long run distance (let’s say 5min/mile pace but you can’t run farther than 50k)?

This is definitely a tough choice! If I frame the context as being capped at my current longest completed race distance (100mile), I think I would choose faster.

I think I’d have to vote for longer, too. I was never a fast runner beyond like 100-200m, so it was never that valuable to me. But it sure would be nice to feel good beyond mile 20 of a race one day!