Dynafit Transalpine Run starts tomorrow

This is one of the stage races in the Alps that inspires me the most.

" A total of 300 teams of two from 22 nations will cross the Alps on foot on eight stages with a total of 263.9 kilometres and 15,320 metres of altitude difference before reaching the finish in Prad in South Tyrol." copied from the website - hope that’s okay.

This race is brutal and exciting at the same time. I always know at least one team taking part, this year it’s team AmLimit! Here’s the link if any of you are interested in following along or seeing the pictures of the day :

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Thanks for sharing…this looks awesome. 15k+ meters of elevation change…brutal.

Might be cool to get the races on AmLimit to come to this thread after the race and talk about their experience. Would be great to get their perspective on the event.

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That sounds incredible!

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I have been dreaming about this race for about 10 years now but every time I mention it to friends and family I get a look of disbelief. Maybe if and when I move back to Europe…


It looks epic…hopeful we can get some insight from AmLimit on the event

I don’t want to dissapoint you David, but I’m pretty sure (Gabi and Wolfgang) AmLimit probably won’t come on a forum to discuss the race. They’re not into forums/social media and secondly it would probably be quite daunting for them to reply in english.
However, you could get in touch with Holger Schulze his instagram account is: www.instagram.com/trail.holger.schulze/

He’s doing this race for the 16th time. I’m sure he has a lot of stories to tell about crossing the Alps by foot every year for the last 16 years!

Also for those that are interested Plan B Event Company release a short film daily with the latest impressions.

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