Do you run in a hat or visor? What are some of your favorites?

Looking for a new hat or visor to wear while running and curious what people like to wear while running! Would love to see your favorites!

Always! Anything from trucker style which I think are super ugly on my small head, but do an amazing job of wicking away sweat from dripping into my eyes to more running specific style hats (like boco) which are great for ventilation, etc. Personally, I like mixing it up and will wear just about any hat.

I like multiple hats. Most days it’s a BOCO hat in the first photo. I love the “I Feel Good Today” on the hat. It sets the mood for my run.

Other days I love to wear my Move Free Summit Cap. It’s soft and dries quickly. It has SPF 50.


Oooo love the photos!!!

A hat with SPF!? That’s super cool!