Curved or motor TM for running

I am starting to save up for a treadmill for next winter (winter is coming…) I going back and forth between a motorized TM (like a refurbished Woodway) or a curved self-powered TM.

I have run on both types and like both overall but I am not sure which would be best for overall run training from half marathons through trail ultras.

Thoughts on which is better for training?

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As a general comment/suggestion, for trail training, I’d opt for a machine that can have its incline adjusted. Most trail races feature a decent amount of elevation gain/loss, so you’ll want to have that option…and I’m not sure if the curved, self-propelled kind offer that, but could certainly be wrong.

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I think you are correct. The only way to get an incline would be to move closer to the curve which does not really provide an incline. +1 to the motorized TM

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Check out the TM that this guy used to set the 100k record…get yourself one of these: