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Knowing the level of detail he went into re trails, I think it’d be really fascinating to read what he has to say about trees!

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It’s great that he’s working on a new book - I’m looking forward to reading that one.

ok @davidc what’s our May book???


Alright, here is my May book selection

I Hate Running and You Can Too by Brendan Leonard

I finished his memoir 60 Meters to Anywhere this past month so I thought it would be cool to read this one next.

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Do we want to coordinate a channel where we can talk about “On Trails” for those that participated in last month’s book club?

I guess we have two options:

  1. Try and do something “synchronously” - you mentioned Clubhouse before or there’s always Zoom. Pros: we actually get to talk, cons: time zone differences (I’m 7/8 hours out from most of you)
  2. We do something “asynchronously” - perhaps we set up a separate forum thread for each month’s book. Pros: keeps everything on this platform; cons: less interactive

What do you all think?

I’d vote for a forum thread. That was people can come and go. Further, the review lives on and others can come read about the thoughts at a later time. Just my .02

I vote for that too. I might just take a decision and set that up in the next couple of hours.

I’ll create two threads - one for April, one for May and also update the guidance at the top of this thread.

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The thread for thought’s on April’s book is here

The May 2021 Book Club thread for discussing “I Hate Running…” is `here

Thanks for the logistics work @AdamML and @davidc !

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Ugh! How did I miss these replies?! I’d be happy to nominate June’s book! I’ll get on the other two books! I’m so excited!!

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Yep, me too

I haven’t heard from anyone lately. This still going on? I am a slow reader so I didn’t get to the May book.

@Lajuan, what is your book for June?

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I’m checking to see if my choice is available in e-book form and/or on Amazon. I’ll post very soon! I’m reading On Trails now. I loved I H❤️te Running!!


YAY!! I would like to nominate Reborn on the Run by Catra Corbett with Dan England. It is available through Amazon, with hard book, Kindle and Audiobook options.
Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons

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Yes, still on.
I read April book and May book as well. I keep my review till the last days of May as it will have some spoilers in it. I just want to give a chance to everyone to read the book before I start spoilering

And yes, I am waiting for the June book as well.

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Thanks @Lajuan - the forum thread for June is here.

Awesome. THanks.

@AdamML For July, I’d like to suggest Ultramarathon Man, by Dean Karnazes. It is a classic, but I’m suggesting it anyway on the chance there are some people here who haven’t read it yet! Dean was my first ultrarunning hero, and this book opened my eyes to the possibilities. It’s available on Amazon/Kindle, and has it for $4. Thanks!