Cocodona 250

This is a race put on by Aravaipa Running, Jamil Coury’s company. It’s 250 miles, not a stage race, and what’s really cool is they have a link on their website that offers some livestreaming! Not sure if any of you caught JC’s coverage of the Black Canyon Races (golden tickets on the table) but it was really impressive. Hopefully this offers a similar experience.


I have been watching some of the videos Jamil had posted on YT about the course. Looks like an amazing event. Hoping to get out to AZ trail running sometime in the future

thank you for the link…

I watched some of it, was astonished to see how many people are eager and able to run 250 miles… will be interesting to see what the drop rate is, when the dust settles.

back in S. Africa the classic ultra is Comrades, 50-55 hilly miles. Silver medal time is 7h30, about 10% of the field typically. Most of the field is 9-11 hours. Now 250 miles is Comrades, five days in a row… seems unmanageable but 150 people started…