Clubhouse app

Anyone here on Clubhouse? I’m @blakecohen there. Sat in recently on a couple of rooms, it’s interesting!

Start a UltraSignup Community room on Clubhouse?

I’m still wait listed for clubhouse (@clinehan) but I like the idea.

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Happy to help set up an ultrasignup community room…if someone can explain to me how clubhouse works :slight_smile:

Honestly, I haven’t joined clubhouse so not sure how it works, but if someone wants to help launch one then I’m all for it!

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@jay did I see you’re on clubhouse?

As for the process of setting up a “club” on clubhouse, I think you have to host a room at least three times. After that then there’s a request form to submit for “club creation” approval.

Thanks, @Blake! Yes, a friend invited me a month or two ago. While I haven’t gone too deep as of yet, I believe there is a lot of potential. Like your idea of using the platform to further support the ultra trail community.

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