Carbon Survey - University of Oregon - closes May 17

The University of Oregon is doing a research study on carbon footprints in the trail running space. They have asked us to share this survey with our community. If you have a few moments to answer these questions it will greatly assist these students:


@davidc i get a browser error following that link.

Try this link:


survey done…

the whole personal carbon footprint thing is essentially a con, created by the same people who brought you doctors advertising cigarettes…

but buying carbon offsets is something, better than nothing I guess.
Personally I don’t go to any race that needs a flight, only in reasonable driving distance. My Honda Fit gets 40mpg highway so I don’t feel too bad. Living in CO makes this easy though…

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Just want to bump this back up to the top…if you haven’t had a chance to fill out this survey please do so. They are planning on closing the survey on Monday, May 17th.