Can I make a suggestion re community groups

I know I’m fairly new here but unless I’m doing something wrong, I noticed that I can’t reply to the Community Group posts.

Which lead me to think (alway dangerous and rarely productive!) but do we need the community groups? The site is fledgling and generating traffic and getting involved is what I like to do but the US races don’t mean anything to me, as I’m UK based but the subjects do. (ie: a community group question about training could easily be applied to most folks).

I’m involved in a UK triathlon forum, which in recent years has morphed into a general endurance forum (gravel, ultra etc). If we want to to talk about a specific race, it get’s labelled under ‘Events’ and then name of the event and everyone can post. Obviously most of the traffic is from those doing it but not always and it feels more inclusive.

Just my thoughts and not meaning to offend in any way.

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This is great feedback. Always appreciated.

The community groups were set up to provide a place for racers, in a particular race, to congregate and talk about that race. We are experimenting with these groups to find the right balance between open and close. Your suggestion of opening them up is heard by the team. We certainly can see the value of having anyone in the community answer general questions.

On another front, we are going to be changing platforms in the next few months. This platform change will provide us with more flexibility in how we set up these groups and what additional features are available to all members of the community. We are excited about the transition as we think it will help us get to the holistic community approach we are striving for.

The current group is still in beta phase. We have not broadly opened it just yet. We have kept it rather closed because we really want to continue receiving feedback and insights from the community. So, thank you for being part of that process.

Thanks. Talk soon.


Thanks David, appreciate the reply.

Hi David,

I don’t understand why the community groups have to be closed. This just blocks others from either congratulating someone who did a certain race and perhaps wrote a great report like @hatkevtonin or prevents us from asking a whole group about a specific event.

Do I have to start a new thread to comment on someone’s race report? Anyway, here is my message to @hatkevtonin as I not sure where to put it. :woman_shrugging:

Wow @hatkevtonin what a race. Thanks for writing such a great report and huge congratulations. I saw the pictures Solomon posted of this event on Instagram and it looked absolutely stunning. Loved the picture of someone holding a large cow :bell:, giving the race an Alpine touch!


I agree with Anna but I just can’t see the need for the groups at all, they make navigating this very messy and i just does not seem very inclusive. Plus then you’ll get multiple within a particular group that clogs up the front page even more.

Definitely a fan of specific race threads (we name them by year in my other forum) but not the groups. Maybe it’s a US thing? But it definitely puts me off.

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Thanks for the feedback.

As we work to migrate platforms (which will be happening in the coming months) I think some of these issues regarding community groups will be resolved.

We tested the community group model to provide an opportunity for racers in a particular race to come together and prepare for the race. This idea is still in a beta phase where we are working to find the right balance. These comments are helpful in our understanding of how the broader community wants to engage with these race-specific groups.

Keep the comments coming. They are all being taken into consideration for the future platform.