Blue Ridge Ultra

Anyone going? Anyone done it before?

This will be my first 50k. Pretty excited to get out there and have some fun! Appreciate the advice and ideas I’ve read on here so far. Ive been able to grab quite a bit of info from everyone- thanks!!!


Havnt run this before but Northern GA ultras are awesome. Not to be underestimated either! I’d prepare for mud and be ready for anything between 30 and 80 degrees ha. If you’ve run in the SE or in N. GA in October before, I’m sure you already know how unpredictable the weather can get.

Good for you for doing your first ultra, tho! Hope it goes well and let us know how you liked it after you (inevitably!) finish!


Thanks! Never run there, but done tons of mountain biking and most of the AT in Ga.

Looking forward to it. If nothing else the weather will be better than the 98 degrees Florida has been everyday.