Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra Underway - Predictions?

Current record for a backyard is 81 hours and 337.5 miles. Any predictions on how this group will do? They have pretty great fall weather for this effort.

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For those wanting to follow along - Big's Backyard Ultra, 10/16/2021-10/23/2021 : : my.race|result

And here is the live feed - Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra Run Group

Great update from Laz

this is the backyard.
as the last whistle sounded
and 31 runners assembled in the starting corral.
i saw their heads turned,
looking back down the empty trail into the woods.
sarah had not made it in
there was a murmuring sound from them
i made out several speaking in low voices
“come on sarah, come on sarah”
trying to will her in.
those who remain have developed a bond.
they are competitors
and they are a team.
the race begins at 48 hours.
and they do not want to leave anyone behind.
everyone knew she was struggling
they had all encouraged her.
and now they felt her absence in the corral
with a sense of personal loss.
at the last they turned their heads
and went out with the bell.
they must answer the bell.
that, in the end, is the one great truth…
you must answer the bell.
the other great truth they do not think about.
this has to happen 30 more times.
one by one your friends must fail.
the very people who have fought beside you
thru the rocks and roots
over the mud and and asphalt
in bitter cold and under blazing sun…
all of them must fall
for you to win.
this is a cruel game.
but it brings out the best from the players in so many ways.
not just the search for the limits of our human endurance
but our limitless capacity to care about one another.
there will be both joy and sadness for the ultimate winner.
the joy of victory
and the sadness of leaving friends behind.
but there will always remain a bond,
between those who gave their all on big’s trail
that one week in october.

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This field is deep. From Laz:

so, we got the survivors off on yard 36.
everyone looks really happy.
they finished off the final trail loop with dispatch
and i cannot imagine any of the 19 to fail to finish 36.
assuming we come in intact,
it will be the most runners ever to complete 36 yards in one race by a wide margin.
the current record is 12 at bigs 2019
followed by 11 at bigs 2018
on a more serious note,
as the numbers dwindle,
and the yards get deeper,
you can sense a more serious cast to the field.
many strong contenders are gone.
but everyone left is a contender now.
the tenor of tonight’s yards will take on a different tone
as 19 backyarders try to manage the night
to hit the trails tomorrow as strong as possible.
it has been a long time in the making,
but the real race will start when the sun comes up.

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Wow, there are 3 runners out on loop 72… which means that there is a chance that the record of 81 might fall today.

It’s falling. Haha

I guess the question now is whether they both will come in from this loop and both head back out? How much longer will that go?

This has to be the only sporting format in the world where how high an athlete can go is limited by having at least one other person come to the edge with them.

There is a lot of chatter about whether the record will be a 100…well, to get there you need one of these guys to go to 99 and quit and the other to be able to go to 100.

In every other sport, the best can just push on without needing anyone to come along with him/her.

This BB was absolutely bonkers. What an incredible job by Lewis and Roberts.

And Laz’ little journal entries are always awesome to read.

Thx for posting @davidc

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