Best Handheld Water Bottles

So I’m doing my first 100 at Javelina and was thinking about doing a lap or two with handhelds before I switch to my vest. I’ve used a couple different types of handhelds but not really happy with them. The Amphipod Hydropod Ergo Minimalist looks interesting but thought I’d seek out the wisdom of the community before I buy. Any experience with the one I’m looking at or any others? Thanks!

Hey Nick,

I don’t use handheld bottles, so unfortunately I can’t help you. As no-one on here has offered any advice as yet, why don’t you try asking on Slowtwitch. There’s a wealth of knowledge over there and I’m sure someone will be able to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really don’t like them at all. I have two (it was a BOGOF deal) they’re 350ml each and that kind of ‘egg shape’ design but I only bought them because I was on holiday and had forgotten my vest.

I hand tension of running and holding them puts me off but some folks have no issue with that at all. I’ve seen some that have the neoprene sleeve that your hand slides into, I reckon they would be better but I have no real world experience sorry.

IME, once you het used to a vest you can keep it on all the time but when it’s a very hot race, I understand why you’d want to have some time without it if possible.

I’m with you Nick, I don’t tend to used handhelds. I like to have my hands free. My biggest issue is with size. I have very small hands and so a typical bottle strains my grip. If that’s also you’re concern I would highly recommend The Feed Limited Edition Running Bottle
Or some other narrow bottle. I’ve had one of these for a minute now and I like it. I recently ran a non technical flat 50k just holding that without and strap and it remained fairly comfortable.

If you’re intending to switch to a vest later anyway, a narrow bottle might be a good option.

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i know this is a little old but I love hand helds!! love them! ultimate direction and Ultraspire both make fantastic hand helds. I use my vest for ultra marathons when I need the space for other things but most races i use just a handheld and fill it up at aid stations when needed. if you get one get one with a pocket for gels or salt tablets. took me aprox 100 trail miles to get use to it but now i wont hit the trails without one.

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