Anyone going for the 100 solo?

Hello. Looking to finish my first 100. I may end up traveling from Michigan solo (not what I was hoping for). Wondering if anyone else is from Michigan or planning to go at it alone…. If so do you have tips for this petrified newbie??


Never feel like your solo. The running community is great. I am not solo as i have a friend running but at one point we will have to break off as the odds of us both running the same speed would not be normal. My wife will also be crewing for me but this will be my first 100 with no pacer. I plan to hook up with people that run my same speed and run with them as the time goes on. My advice: Don’t be afraid to ask aide station workers for something. They are wonderful people and most have been through there own struggles and understand how to help. Do a little research on what food is at aide stations and hopefully you been training with the same foods/snacks. Again, the more friends you make along the way the more you feel like you are not running alone.


thank you for that! Yes, i have a spreadsheet already made with a bunch of information. I am usually pretty reserved in life… but not on races…I will certainly reach out to others. Less than 3 weeks away now!!

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This was my first 100 and found this to be the perfect one to attempt this distance, also solo. from the race director, volunteers and the runners they all make you feel welcome and provide loads of encouragement. I am doing the 100 again as I really like the event, and the experience of meeting new people and enjoying the adventure. I am sure you will do great, and just enjoy the experience.


thank you… that is very encouraging :slight_smile:

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