Airbnb or Hotel for Race Travel

On average, do you prefer to find an Airbnb or a hotel when you travel for a race?

I prefer Airbnb because it’s easier for the family and it provides more room to spread out.

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I’d say generally hotel. Though id add a qualifier that looking at AirBnB there’s a difference for me looking at properties that are someones primary vs secondary residence/vacation property

Usually and preferably hotels.

I’m also curious – for some of the races that are a bit more remote, how many of you camp at the start area vs. commute in?

Uhh… define “remote” :slight_smile: anything that is more than 2 hours of driving from my house is remote for me :slight_smile: in these cases I prefer to go there at least one day before the race.

I used to have an RV and we traveled all over the country racing. It was awesome. I could park at the race site. Eat breakfast in the rv. Walk out the door and race. It was the best combination.


I like to camp if I can but usually go with hotel.



Ha, that’s a good point! I’ve run races here in TN that were only 30 or so minutes outside of cities and there was literally nothing around. And then on the other hand, I’ve run them in Canada and been two hours away from cities and there’d be nice lodges and cabins!

Ha ha, same here.
But I think It is fine. If you run 5-20 hours, then a proper shower and a king size bed is the minimum that you deserve. :slight_smile:


Living the dream!