Airbnb for Trail Runners

Would you stay in an extra bedroom or on the couch (think back to the original days of Airbnb - literally an "air"mattress at someone’s house) if they were a fellow trail runner for a race weekend? Would you let a fellow trail runner crash in an extra bedroom or on your couch for a race weekend?

Curious if trail runners would welcome other runners into their houses on race weekends (and not have their home open to all airbnb travelers all year long). Seems like our community is so welcoming that this might be something that could happen.

I think, with some proper vetting, I would let a trail runner stay in our house if they were in town for a weekend. I also think, again, with proper vetting, that I would take advantage of the hospitality of another runner.

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For myself, I would consider, after careful vetting as @davidc mentions, staying “couch style” at the home of another trail runner for the event. There’s a smaller chance, albeit a chance certainly, that with careful vetting I would host another trail runner at my house - and of course approval and agreement from my better half (wife) and daughter. I think I’d be more agreeable to “1-degree (or 2-degrees) of separation” from the potential guest.

I think that’s an interesting idea and probably view it similarly to @Blake The good news about ultrarunning is that, since the community is so tight, the “vetting” process can likely be accomplished through word of mouth.

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New USU category, “Race Rooms Co-op” ?

I like what you are thinking!

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