Aid Station food

I have an aid station captain wanting to “do it up right” with regards to great aid station food (not the ordinary snack stuff). Any suggestions?


Check out Grab the Gold bars. They are amazing.

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Bourbon-glazed bacon :bacon: :yum:

I’m always thrilled to see Watermelon and Bacon.

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ICE! Not sure where the race will be taking place, but since it’s June I’d assume it’ll be hot, and ice (maybe ice towels?) are always welcomed by runners.

And not to start a diet debate, but in another comment ppl were talking about the prevalence of plant-based food at aid stations. I’m not plant based but I alllways love seeing light, “real” food options as a break from candy and chips – so things like fruit, hummus/avocado wraps, granola, bean/potato burritos, etc.

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