About the M7 Community Group category

Join us for fun events & trail chatter. Stick around to help M7 design the world’s first trail-optimized eyewear - we humbly defer to you experts! It’s time for real-world data & preferences to call the shots.

M7: a specialty optics company

We create eyewear solutions for people in some of the world’s most extreme visual situations, such as growers with prolonged exposure to high-wattage lights and pilots traveling at mach speeds. The eyewear we create for these extraordinary circumstances can help in many other environments, and our sights are set on the TRAILS! Better frames, better lenses, better eyes. And as we like to say: Vision Above All.

M7 Trail Series: a free, connected event

We hope you’re here for the M7 Trail Series! Meet other participants, share your epic runs, get tech support. Tap into a community of people who love running and connecting with others through technology. This free event is meant for fun, for charitable funds, and to kick off our innovation program. We hope you’ll get involved.

Join our innovation program

There’s a revolution coming, and it’s time for real-world data and preferences to drive decisions. We are experts in lens technology but need your help in understanding exactly what trail runners want and need in the perfect eyewear. Help us understand the authentic Lived Experience of trail runners: when are you running? what are your lighting conditions? what’s your UV exposure? We’ll help you to better understand yourself and your vision, and make sure that your reality is an essential part of our design process.

Data sharing & beta testing

To those who share data with us - thank you. We are truly using it for good, and we’ll keep you updated on what we’re finding. Beyond just data sharing, we are building a group of people who want to contribute their opinions and bring about a better trail experience for runners everywhere. This forum is a great place for two-way communication, and a place we can go to recruit passionate collaborators. [Please speak up - we’re listening!](webextlink://Please speak up - we’re listening!)