200 + mile recommendations

Hi everyone

Looking towards 2022 and hopefully the current situation has reverted back to some form of normality regarding international travel
I am considering traveling to the USA in 2022
From Ireland
I have been looking at some 200 + mile endurance runs, with similar cooler weather temperature conditions to Ireland or the Uk.
Has anyone any recommendations

In advanced Thank you

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Hey @Noel

Here in the states, here are some of the late-season races that might have 200+ mile races:

Moab 240
Swamp Fox
Go Big
Fierce Dragon
Frozen H3
Swammie Shuffle

These may have “milder” weather since they are so late in the season, but not sure it will match Ireland/UK weather.

You could also check out the Tor in the Alps, which starts this weekend. Probably more mild weather in that race.

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Hi David
Absolutely very much appreciated
Thank you 100 %
Will look at theses this evening
Very helpful


200miles is hardcore Noel. Rather you than me!

The H9 events are fun but very challenging with lots of elevation. more low key than others like Moab, but well organized

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Definitely taking it to the next level

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Thank you will definitely have a look now the world seems to be reopening appreciate that