12 Seconds over 100k

Saw this headline from UltraRunning Magazines March edition:

Jim Walmsley leaves it all on the course as he approaches the finish line of the Project Carbon X 2 100K in Arizona. He finished in 6:09:26, missing the world record by just 12 seconds.

That has to be brutal to miss the record by 12 seconds. Hard to imagine at this elite level that he made a “mistake” somewhere on the course early in the run that he could point to…but that has to be a heartbreaker…


Dude this was nuts! The footage of his finish is one of the only times I can recall when JW actually looked exhausted. Even after getting the WR 50M a couple years back he looked better than he did after this one. Crazy!

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We watched the last lap or two of that event live on the YouTube feed. It was so touch and go: at first you thought he had the record and then it was just slipping away. The footage really forshortened the finishing straight as well which made it even worse.

I really felt for Jim - 12 seconds over a six hour effort is such a fine margin. As you say, it must be night on impossible to point to any one thing that cost him those few seconds. And he had clearly laid everything on the course.

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That was a mega run, I was riding the roller coaster with him on that finishing straight. Really reminded me of the ineos sub 2 hour finishing straight, so much anticipation.

He’ll get it eventually.


I totally missed this. Thanks to those who have posted. Walmsley’s run looked great to watch.

In some ways, the men’s 100km WR has been ripe for the picking for some time. Over the years, it’s a mark that has seen little progression from Don Ritchie’s Crystal Palace run way back in 1978.

I’m looking forward to seeing more international racing in a post-covid world. With the right competition, Walmsley is definitely looking good to eclipse Nao Kazami’s 6:09.

Conversely, I think Hoka’s promotion of the women’s WR attempt was just that. A promotion. Camille Herron has produced little to indicate that she will be the woman to break Tomoe Abe’s 6:33.

With the exception of perhaps Gerda Steyn from South Africa, I’m doubtful that the woman to eventually take Abe’s 2000 mark is even running ultras at the moment.

Thoughts, anyone?

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My first thought was that can’t be true, Courtney Daulwater is super fast and light, Beth Pascall definitely can up the pace looking at her “Bob-Graham-Round” FKT last year.
but then again who amongst the female ultra Runners can run a sub 2.27 marathon. Also, looking at the results for Saroma-See-100-km-Ultramarathon for the last 21 years (thanks Wiki) nobody has even come close to her time. So yes, you might be right!

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