100 Ironman Tri in 100 days 🤯

He Felt Like Running: 100 Days, 100 Ironman-Length Triathlons - The New York Times?

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insane, right!?

did you watch the NFLX doc that came out a couple years ago?

He’s also been on Rich Roll’s podcast - worth a listen.

And this is the love that Ironman showed to a guy that was bringing their brand back into relevance

WOW…now I get all the negative mojo from the IRONMAN/UTMB announcement…tattoos as a copyright infringement?! come on…

IRONMAN “the brand” lost this battle years ago IMO - the phrase IRONMAN has come to be known colloquially and in the common vernacular to indicate a specific distance of triathlon. In the same way that Kleenex means tissue and “google” is a verb.

Total faceplant, shows the depth of how out of touch the “brand” is with it’s desired broader public community.

Crossfit and Spartan will (do) have the same problem, in the brands’ eyes